Mobile Hydraulic Oil Coolers

Mobile Hydraulic Oil Coolers

We work directly with manufacturers to supply high-quality, mobile hydraulic oil coolers for industrial equipment across several industries. Auxiliary coolers are a great solution for mulchers, wood splitters, and other hydraulically driven attachments for skid steers, excavators, tractors, and more. If your equipment is in need of additional cooling - American Cooling Solutions has you covered.

About Our Mobile Hydraulic Units For Sale

All hydraulic oil coolers work by transferring heat from the oil to the atmosphere. As oil travels through the tubes, the heat is transferred to the fins. Air passing over the fins then transfers this heat to the sky. Heat transfer cannot occur without proper air flow.

OC Series
Oil Cooler only. OC Series coolers require outside air flow to function, typically from vehicle movement or an engine driven fan already in place for other engine cooling components.
DC Series
DC Series coolers are equipped with one or more electrically powered fans, available in 12V or 24V configurations. The fans create powered air flow in stationary or slow moving mobile applications.
HC Series
HC Series coolers are equipped with a hydraulically powered fan, for use in applications where a 12 or 24 volt electrical system is not accessible. The HC fans can be powered by the same hydraulic circuit they are cooling.
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